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PPBA Annual Meeting
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
The annual meeting will be held at Cross Roads Baptist Church in Minot. Cross Roads is located at 415 28th Ave, Minot, ND 58701.


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Area Missionary Report to the Association - March 2009

Area Missionary Report to Prairie Partners Baptist Association
March 13-14, 2009  by John M. Miller

Associations are built on trust and value: Trust and value come from consistent application of:
1. Involvement in decision making (needs and desires of churches highest priority)
2. Being informed (communication)
3. Caring about needs (giving and praying)
4. Continuity (lay involvement)
5. Continuing prayer (a method of discovering concerns)

We have designed Prairie Partners with three priorities according to function:
• Pray
• Pay
• Partner
These functions allow us to meet a host of the needs of our churches.

Our intent is to be:
• Fast
• Flexible
• Focused
• Friendly

Decision Making Sharing: This meeting is our primary method of discovering needs of churches. It is the primary driver of our calendar and budget. Needs of churches also arise quickly and suddenly, without warning. We need to be flexible enough to meet needs that suddenly arise. We are attempting to do that.

Being Informed (communication): People like to know what is going on. We are trying to keep churches and leaders informed. One of the missing links is up to date prayer requests. We need to find a better way of keeping people informed enough to pray with fresh up-to-date information. Church web-sites may be our best vehicle of up to date information.

Caring about needs (Giving and praying): We are giving to churches with new pastors (when need is requested), Native American churches, new work (Lincoln), your area missionary, Kids Camp, youth camp and emergency needs. Help us know about needs so we can help when appropriate.

Continuity (lay involvement): Churches and people need to know that change is not constant. Change is the only way to improve and therefore, necessary. However, there is value in knowing that some partners and leaders will be there for us. The best way of keeping continuity in our churches is the active involvement of lay people. They will be here when pastors come and go.

Continuing prayer (a method of discovering concerns): The greatest need is also the most difficult. Our greatest asset is continuing prayer. We make a difference when we pray. However, it is a great challenge to keep fresh up-to-date information for intercessors. Let’s work on methods of keeping prayer information current and relevant to needs of churches.

Lincoln Report: The building still needs lots of work. Yet to be done: install window trim, and varnish; install base board in the main auditorium; finish upper classroom; trim for stairway; install ceramic tile in shower stalls; finish and paint bathroom dividers; install fascia and soffit; paint ceiling; paint outside walls and landscaping to complete the project. We had hoped to have all this done by March 15. However, we will not make that goal. We are postponing the open house to May 17, 2009.

The electrician’s bill has been reduced to $600.00 from $9,000 a few months ago. Local people from Lincoln are now leading Sunday School and TeamKid. Luke Bell, Charles Woody and John Miller are the primary worship leaders. We do not have current leads on a Church Starter. We have 14 active people, Sunday morning; 9 active children/leaders, Wednesday evening TeamKid and 5 active people, Tuesday evening Adult Bible Study.

Current prayer needs for Lincoln:
• Church starter
• $600.00 to pay electrician
• Start to repay $35,000 loan
• 11 new people to become regular in attendance Sunday morning Sunday School and Worship by May 17, 2009.
• Provision of sports equipment (basketball goal, volley ball net soccer nets) prior to summer of 2009
• Increase of $300.00 per month in giving by May 17, 2009

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